Small Group- Introduction & Facilitator Training

Watch the following facilitator training videos...

Each week, a different student will guide the Small Group Study. This gathering is a class requirement and will be considered a homework assignment. You do not need to be a “financial expert”, just someone who can simply follow the agenda provided.

The objectives of this Small Group Study are to:
1 Teach the practical financial principles of scripture.
2 Encourage students to experience a more intimate fellowship with Christ.
3 Challenge students to invite Jesus to be Lord of their lives.
4 Build close relationships among the students of the study.

The group should meet for a minimum of one hour every week.

1 Scripture memorization (one assigned Scripture verse each week).
2 Complete the weekly practical application(s).
3 Daily prayer for each student using the provided Prayer Journal.

The "Let's Get Practical" applications for this study use Adobe Reader and are at the end of each week's homework. They are electronic and interactive. If you would like to use these forms to their fullest extent you will need to make sure you have the latest version of Adobe on your computer or the Adobe Reader App.

Every "Let's Get Practical" worksheet can be downloaded by clicking on the download icons found in each week's homework.

After you download the worksheet, make sure you save the worksheet BEFORE entering data.

We are so thankful that you are participating in the Give, Save & Spend- College Curriculum. The Lord has used the principles you are about to learn to help and encourage many people from every walk of life. What an adventure in learning awaits you in the coming weeks! We pray that the Lord will bless you in every way as you learn His way of handling finances.

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