Ways to be Trained

There are three ways to become a trained Compass small group facilitator.

1. On-demand (Video) Facilitator Training

1.1 Purchase the Facilitator Guide for the study you plan to lead.

1.2 Read the information and view all of the videos in this Facilitator Training Packet. You do not need to complete the homework assignments in this packet.

1.3 Complete the Certification Quiz.

Contact a Compass Representative in your area to answer any questions.

2. Web-based Facilitator Training
Another method you may consider is the Web-based Facilitator Training. This is a 2 hour live, interactive training that will provide more detailed instruction.
2.1 Complete the homework questions on pages 15-25, including the memory verses. Please write your answers in complete thoughts as you will be asked to share what you have written.
2.3 Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance to ensure your computer will be able to run the GoToTraining software. Sessions will start promptly.
2.4 Register here for the Web-based training.

3. On-site Facilitator Training

On-site Facilitator Training is available to train your church or organization members. Please contact your local Compass representative for more information.

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